Beautiful Zip and Link Beds Explained

Zip and link beds have revolutionised the way we think about bedroom design and comfort.

Their adaptability, customisable features, and practicality make them a top choice for those seeking a versatile and comfortable sleeping solution.

As the demand for flexible living spaces continues to rise, zip and link beds are likely to remain a staple in the UK’s ever-evolving home and hospitality industries.

What is a Zip and Link Bed?

A zip and link bed is a Super King size bed that can be used as one piece or seperated into two single beds.

The super king bed is split north/south and is paired with a super king mattress in two pieces that zips together to link the two single halves of the bed base together.

What size are Zip and Link Beds

The most common sized zip and link bed in the UK is a Super King at 180cm wide by 200cm long.

Are Zip and link Beds Comfortable?

Your Zip and Link bed system should be very comfortable for its user.  However, the individual comfort level is determined by quality of the mattress being used.  The zip that keeps the two halves of the zip and link mattress should not be uncomfortable to lay on.  Furthermore, the zip can be noticably improved with the addition of one piece super king mattress topper placed over the mattress to camouflage the zip seam.

Benefits of a Zip And Link Bed

Zip and link beds are a clever adaptation to the ever-changing needs of sleepers. Their modular design offers unparalleled flexibility, making zip and link beds an ideal solution for various scenarios.

Zip and link beds are not only about personal comfort but also practicality. Moving and transporting these beds becomes significantly more manageable, as they can be easily separated into two parts. This feature is particularly beneficial for individuals living in smaller spaces or for those who may need to relocate frequently.

Headboards for Zip and Link Beds

Two matching single headboards can be affixed to a zip and link divan bed base.  They will then move independently with their respective half of the bed base.

Alternatively, An oversized, Emperor (7ft) floor standing headboard can be used to frame a super king bed in the centre whilst giving the option to split the bed in half and benefit from their own part of the headboard.

Floor standing Emperor Jura Headboard with zip and link two piece Superking Jersey Divan and Mattress Set split to give two 3ft single beds.

Using two Jura Headboards as one zip and link bed.


Zip and Link Beds With Storage

The most basic Zip and Link Bed arrangement is usually based on a divan bed base.  There is the option to add drawers in all of our divan bases for extra storage.

Zip and Link Beds That Are Not Divans

A smart alternative to a basic divan is a fully upholstered bed base on legs.  All of our single beds can be made with a bespoke length to take a 90cm x 200cm mattress half and made flush top so that they can be pushed together to make an elegant super king version.