Bespoke Headboard Border Treatments

Striking bespoke border definition in your choice of colour.


A contrast border with return can be added to almost all of our headboard designs in your own material with a choice of individual nail to perfectly trim your feature fabric.

What is a ‘Border with return’?

A border with return is a thin border around the outside of the shape of your headboard in a contrast fabric that wraps over to the front of the headboard and is finished with nails/studs for detail and to secure it in place.

It works particularly well when used in colour co-ordination with a bold main fabric.

I really want this – How do I order it as it is not on your website?

That’s right.  Due to the complicated nature of getting this type of bespoke border right, we acknowledge that customers feel better looked after when they can talk to a real person.  If you’d like to add a border with return to your headboard, please do call us as this feature makes your headboard unique and bespoke and we will need to make sure that the workshop have a very clear brief to work to.  We will make a manual product for you and add it to your order so that it is worded correctly and so that we can note the border material and nail colour down in your orders’ private notes for our upholsterers.

Can I send my own fabric for the border?

Yes.  You may prefer to do it this way as often, the fabric houses have a range of plains specifically designed to match a particular pattern book.  You will need to send us 2m of a cloth that is at least 130cm wide.

Can I select a Headboard Workshop fabric for my border with return?

However, we can help to supply something equally as perfect.  If you would like to order up to eight free samples from our website to be used as the fabric for the border with return, please do.  We will need to charge you for 2 metres of the fabric that you choose and we will order it in at the same time as your headboard’s component parts ready for upholstery.

Can you suggest fabric colours to compliment my main material?

We can certainly send you some samples from our off-site range that will work with your fabric, just give us an email letting us know what the material is, including colourway, design and maker of the material in your message and attach a screenshot of the fabric for us.  Or, you can order a ‘Colour Consultation’ with our stylist, Laura from our samples page and she will be in touch to discuss.

How much material is needed for a border with return?

We will usually need 2 metres of fabric to make a border with return.  This is so that the border is in one strip without joins.  Please note, there will be left over material, which we will return to you with your headboard, or, ask us to make it up into scatter cushions for you!

What colours of studs are available?

We have Vintage, chrome, brushed gold and brushed black (like gunmetal) individual nails to choose from.  Please contact us if you would like a sample nail posted to you for approval or moodboarding.

Are the studs upholstered by hand?

All of our individual nails are placed by hand by our upholsterers who have a keen eye and many, many years of experience.  It is a time consuming process but is absolutely worth it.

What is the usual stud placement?

Stud placement can vary but as a rule the stud is always half on and half off the edge of the fabric border to hold it in place.

How much extra does it cost to add a border with return onto a standard model?

This usually depends on the size and style of headboard it is being applied to, the best thing to do is pop us a quick message to check with the size and model of headboard you are interested in to hand.

Which styles of headboard can a border with return be added to?

The following models are made in such a way that they can have a border with return:


Caldey (fixed cover only)

Harris (fixed cover only)







Please note: When you choose to add a border with return, the piping on piped edge models will be removed and substituted with the border with return – both options are not possible together.


Can a border with return be specified to a bespoke shape of headboard?

If your custom shape of headboard has a firm and un-piped edge then we can usually add a border with return.  Our bespoke team can go through this with you at the time of enquiry.

How wide should the border with return be?

There is no hard and fast rule here, but we can advise what will look in proportion to the size of headboard you need.

What size are the studs?

Again, the stud size can be varied and we can recommend the size that will work best for you taking into account size and perspective.