Bespoke Headboards

Our skilled team of highly experienced upholsterers can make you just about anything. This, combined with the creativity of our customers, sees some amazing bespoke headboards come through the workshop.

You can make an adjustment to one of our existing models, or opt to have a completely custom bedhead made from scratch. Perhaps you’ve seen a designer headboard that you would like to recreate, or you want to build a large wall panelled, statement piece? Our bespoke service can help you design your own headboard, and it really couldn’t be easier!

Aren’t all your headboards bespoke?

Every headboard and bed is made to measure in our workshop in Wales.  All of our products are handmade, by consolidating your choice of style, fabric, height and a number of other customisable options that you can select.  However, this is not what we mean by the term ‘bespoke’.

It is well worth noting a few terms that we use in the workshop to differentiate between made-to-order/custom made and bespoke headboards and beds.

What is a bespoke headboard?

Bespoke headboards fall into two categories:

1 – A minor alteration to an existing model ie, a change of height or width or additional embellishment such as studs, buttons or borders that is not already an option on our website. See ‘Making a change to an existing model’ below.


2 – A custom design made from scratch that is unlike any of our standard models in terms of shape and design.  This could be from a sketch or from inspiration photographs.

The Basics

When you are looking at having a bespoke headboard, this can range anywhere between changing the size or adding an additional feature to a standard model all the way through to having something completely custom in shape, size and style. With this in mind we have fine tuned our bespoking service to ensure that we have a clear and simple process from start to finish.


Making a change to an existing model

We have a wide range of headboards available and sometimes just a tweak in the size, shape or feature can make all the difference. Each headboard in our collection has its own unique style but if you want to mix and match a feature or two, you have definitely come to the right place.

The Process

  • Start by choosing one of our existing styles as your base model.
  • Choose the adjustment you are hoping to make, whether it is the size or feature such as studs or piping etc.
  • Email us at with the details.
  • We will then provide with the total cost and once everything is agreed, we will pop your order on manually to reflect the changes and we will get making!

Bespoke Plain Fronted 85cmH Jura Headboard with a Bespoke Border Width of 20cm and Vintage Studs.


Creating a unique design or shape

Another option that we have available is going down the route of creating something completely bespoke in shape, size, style and even the features you want on your headboard. There are nearly endless possibilities! Some of the options that we have available are;

Shallow buttons Borders
Swarovski crystals Floor standing
Strip nail rows Socket cutout
Individual nails Lighting cutout
Inset/Edge Piping Dado rail cut outs

The Process

  • Send us inspiration photographs with approximate dimensions to and tell us the size of your bed.
  • We will come back to you with what is possible and the overall cost to create your unique headboard.
  • We will create you a digital schematic of the headboard so that you can visualise the outcome.
  • Once signed off, you can either choose to move forward to manufacture from the schematic, or we can send a life sized cardboard template direct to you.
  • As soon as everything is agreed, we will pop your order onto our system and start creating your unique headboard!

Bespoke Super King Headboard to Customers Design with Bespoke Border Width and Inset Piping.

Browse our workshop snaps to see headboards with slight tweaks through to one-off designs:

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