Sourcing Eco-Friendly Fabrics For Headboards

We do love a bit of Customer’s Own Material (COM), and, as one of the few upholstery companies that specialise in offering the service of putting your own fabric on any of our products, we are often asked where to shop for designer fabrics suitable for headboards..

The Headboard Workshop is very pleased to introduce Haines Collection and it’s creator, Jules.

Jules is committed to hand selecting surplus high end designer fabrics and saving them from landfill.

Often with up to 50% off the retail price, the Haines Collection is the perfect place to shop for headboard sized designer fabric with a clearer conscience.

The glorious fabrics that Jules adds to her website are often available in the perfect amounts to be made into headboards, ottomans, scatter cushions and chairs.

Which is where we come in!

Here is our handy guide to asking us to make your new headboard using some of Jules’ lovely, responsibly sourced materials.

Designer brands often found at Haines Collection include:

  • Pierre Frey
  • Penny Morrison
  • Veere Grenney
  • Lewis & Wood
  • Christopher Farr
  • Zimmer & Rhode

… and many more famous names.

Each new arrival is photographed and uploaded to the Haines Collection’s own website.  

Jules advises that usually stock of any particular pattern “is truly limited and once it’s gone it’s gone!”.

Regular users of the Haines Collection website are treated to new things to see each Monday.  Jules has created quite a following of style eager designers and interior savvy homeowners, all poised, ready to see what delicious bargains they can snap up.

Jules Haines: Lover of designer fabric and the environment.

A very smart Caldey Headboard recently made by The Headboard Workshop using a Haines Collection sourced fabric.

How much fabric will I need for my new headboard?


Each size and style of headboard on our website will need a different length of material depending on such factors as the height and the design.


The fabric quantity information can be easily found by clicking ‘Customers Own Material’ where you’ll find guidelines for that product including allowing for a pillowstop, contrast piping and pattern repeats.

Look for the below image on the product page.  If in doubt, please call us at The Headboard Workshop on 01291 628216 and we will help you.


What about fire regulations?


In order to make fabric from Haines Collection comply with current fire regulations, we will need to establish the composition of the material you are interested in using for your new headboard or bed.  Luckily, Haines Collection list the composition of the fabric on their website listings.

If you’re material is 75% or more natural fibres (cotton, Linen, Viscose) then we can use a fire retardant interliner with your material.

If it is 74% and under natural fibres, we can help with FR treatment so do call us.

We go into more depth on this subject, here.


What happens when the fabric is narrower than I need my headboard to be? 


Upholstery fabric usually comes in a width of approximately 137 cm (54 ins) and a super king bed is 180 cm wide.

If your fabric is patterned then we ask for an extra pattern repeat so that the material can be joined near to the outside edges.  This leaves a full width of fabric in the middle of your headboard.  Our expert seamstresses are masters of pattern matching and so any join you see will be minimally obvious.

If your fabric is plain then you can consider running the material on its side to avoid joins.

If you choose a pattern that could go up and down or sideways then please let us know which way you’d prefer us to run it.


Does The Headboard Workshop accept Customers Own Material?


Yes, we certainly do and we have gained quite a reputation for it too!

We make beautiful things from beautiful fabrics in customers own all year round.


If I order material from Haines Collection how should I send it to you for upholstery? 


The easiest way is to ask Jules at Haines Collection if she would be kind enough to send it directly to us on your behalf.

But first PLEASE ensure you have placed your order for your new headboard or bed on our website and have received your unique six digit reference number.

This number is vital for making sure your material arrives safely and tallies up with your order at our workshop when it arrives.

If you let Jules know your ‘THW’ order ID, She will ensure the parcel is labelled correctly and sent to us at:


The Headboard Workshop

Units 10-11 St Davids Industrial Estate


NP12 3SW


If the material I am in love with is too small for a headboard, what are my options?


The best thing to do if this applies to you, is to give us a quick call.

We can suggest clever ways of incorporating your Haines Collection material with a border in a contrasting plain.

We may be able to alter the height of the headboard design that you like to make the best use of the cloth.

On the other hand, if you have too much material, we can also provide you with additional scatter cushions, or, if plenty of fabric is available you may like to consider a matching made to measure valance or even a contrast lidded blanket box or ottoman for your bedroom.

Another beautiful headboard upholstered in a fabric sourced from the Haines Collection website – Super King Samson with Pillowstop.

This amazing statement headboard is covered with another fabric  from the Haines Collection website – Kingsize Eigg Headboard with Pillowstop and matching scatter cushions.