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Headboards with Hygge

Pure Cotton Buttoned Headboard

You’ve heard the word ‘hygge’ bounced around quite a bit in 2018 with regards to interior trend.   But what is it?  Simply put, the Danish lifestyle concept of hygge means creating a warm and cosy feeling whilst enjoying simple and good things.  With your favourite people.

The hygge craze certainly extends to your bedroom, and getting the look (or should I say ‘feel’) of hygge is easier than you might imagine.

Consider the biggest focal point of your bedroom – your bed.

Small changes, big effects.

For an impactful and simple transformation,  adding an upholstered headboard is the way to go.  The soft, deep foam and endless choice of textural fabrics will elevate your cosiness to the next level with very little input.

Simply select your model, height and fabric at The Headboard Workshop’s easy to use website and it will be delivered within four to five weeks.

Choose the perfect headboard fabric.

Free fabric samples are a great starting point and I recommend Velvet, Marbled Velvet, real wool and House Chenille for a plush and textured effect.  Keep colours warm and neutral for a very organic look that can be updated without too much trouble.  Think sand, Cream and camel tones – in fact, any colour that you may see in a natural environment.  Warm greys will always be a winner.

Pair your new headboard with a range of chunky knitted blankets and fluffy pillows and you’re off to a great start.

Here’s our favourite headboards for bringing a sense of slow living into your sleep space.


The Iona Headboard.

The Iona is a beautiful deep buttoned headboard available in over 150 fabrics, or your own.  It is a real show stopper.   For maximum impact, we recommend the highest of our three sizes.  At 45” above the mattress, rows of sumptuous deep buttons create a stunning cushioned effect that is both lovely to look at and lovely to rest against.

Pure Cotton Buttoned Headboard

Hygge to hug – The Iona Headboard in Pure Cotton Ice

The Islay Headboard.

Subtle pulls of the Islay give a feint cushioned effect.  A contemporary, structured look that is a bit more than a plain headboard and offers an accent of texture rather than full on buttoning.  Interestingly, the candlelight draws attention to the depth of the warming fabric (pictured here in Metallic Ground Blush), which is shot through with a delicate silver undertone.

So cosy!

Contemporary Blush Headboard

Islay Headboard in Metallic Ground Blush

The Winged Caldey.

Enjoy an enclosed sense of security with a winged headboard.  We love this winged headboard with its gentle arch for a number of reasons.  Firstly, it’s beautiful.  Secondly, it boasts perfect proportions and looks extremely tactile when upholstered in a rich coloured linen.  Add a checked wool blanket for a cosy accessory.

The Winged Caldey Headboard