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Hotel Bedroom Luxe in your Own Home

matching ottoman for your headboard

We’re looking for a place to shut off and relax more and more.

Have a holiday every day in your own home with these quick and easy recipes for bringing the luxury of the hotel into your own bedroom.

Every good hotel room has three key ingredients:

  • A feature bed and headboard that are well dressed, beautifully presented and comfortable to boot.
  • A clutter free environment
  • Beautifully upholstered bedroom furniture.

Hotel tricks to copy

The headboard and bed are arguably the biggest and most prominent feature of a luxury bedroom.  Therefore, spend most of your budget and time getting these major parts right.

Decide on a look.  For example, contemporary or traditional, urban or country style.

Colour palette is also important here as you’ll want to make sure the fabrics that you choose compliment your chosen scheme.  The headboard provides a blank canvas to dominate your scheme with and should be the focal point of your new design.  Most noteworthy is that hotel rooms tend to go for larger headboards for impact.

With this in mind, The Eigg Headboard is a wonderful example of using height and a great fabric to add drama and perspective.


large tall headboard

The Iconic Eigg Headboard

Dressing your Bed

Use crisp cottons in layers with oversized pillows, scatter cushions and a made to measure valance to complete the look and feel hotel chic.  If you’re feeling extra swish, a monogrammed pillow case could be just the ticket.

More often than not, a hotel will use a ‘runner’ across the foot end of the bed to add style and practicality.

Keeping it looking good.

Ironing your bed linen is essential for a classy finish.  As is making your bed daily.  The appeal of a hotel room is that this is done for you, but unless you have a live-in maid, the job is going to fall to you!

Opting for crease resistant bedding can help lighten the load.

Keeping your room tidy is sometimes a slog.  Consider the Alderney Ottoman Bed for a whopping amount of extra storage or a Jersey Divan Bed Base with its convenient and robust drawers for popping winter woollies and extra bedding out of sight (and out of mind!).

Luckily, our headboards work with all of our bed options and in some cases are fitted onsite for you on the day of delivery.

superking ottoman bed

Alderney Ottoman Bed – The perfect solution to bedroom clutter!

Add the finishing touches

A beautiful bedroom chair always looks well co-ordinated and effortlessly glam.  We rate the Penterry Chair as a winner for any bedroom

Velvet bedroom chair

Penterry Chair in Crushed Velvet Beige


Similarly, a made to measure bed valance will look very thought about and boutique.  Consider making the valance in a complimentary fabric rather than being too ‘matchy’ for variety.  Achieve this with either colour or texture and be as bold as you dare!

If room allows, the pinnacle of good taste and practicality is an ottoman to match your headboard and bed for a sumptuous combination.

Ottomans can be any width you like.  More often than not, we advise you to choose an ottoman that is the same width as your bed.  We offer ottomans to fit single beds to emperor ottomans and every size in between.

matching ottoman for your headboard

Add a matching ottoman to complete the look.

Following these easy steps will have your room looking like a palace in no time at all!