Hotel Headboard and Bed Solutions

Hotel Headboard Design and Manufacture

Boutique Hotel, Holiday Let or Bed and Breakfast?

Whatever your needs, The Headboard Workshop can manufacture and supply any number of beds, headboards and accessories to help your property make a lasting impression.

We cater for all commercial tastes and projects from small boutique hotels to large holiday developments and complexes at home and abroad.

Your hotels style is bound to be unique and we welcome you to ‘Check-in’ with us.  Let us know what you are after and we’ll show you how we can help.

Here are a few things that will be of interest to you as you shop for hotel beds, headboards and mattresses.


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Custom, Bespoke or Made to Measure Designs
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Trade Pricing for Hotel Headboards and Beds

Zip and link solutions

Flexible sleeping arrangements can boost occupancy and provide your customers with options.  Turn a Super King room into a twin and back again conveniently by shopping our range of Super King Jersey Divans designed to work with two single headboards.  Each headboard is fixed to its own half of the divan so that it moves with the base.

Square or straight edge headboards work best for this arrangement as can be seen here with the use of Two Single Jura Headboards, together, and apart:

Using two single Jura Headboards on a zip and link bed

Using two Jura Headboards as one zip and link bed.

Similarly, if you wish to create more of an impact you can opt for an oversized, floor standing headboard that allows for two halves of the Jersey Divan to split.  However, this time the headboard stays put creating a small gap between the beds, each with their own half of the headboard.

Floor standing Emperor Jura Headboard with zip and link two piece Super king Jersey Divan and Mattress Set

Floor standing Emperor Jura Headboard with zip and link two piece Super king Jersey Divan and Mattress Set split to give two 3ft single beds.


Single Headboards that suit zip and link arrangements, and our recommendations for such, are as follows:

Jura – As pictured, a modern blend of a contemporary panelled and shallow buttoned centre with bordered edge

Mull – A striking shallow buttoned, boxed and piped headboard with crisp edges.

Easdale – A stunning deep buttoned centre with border surround.

Harris – Simple, with optional removable cover and smart piped edges.

Arran – Simple and chic with crisp edges, available in three heights.

For a BED designed to do this, with the added advantage of removable cover and optional storage drawers, our Coll Bed is a best seller:

A brilliant zip & link combination. Removable headboard covers & easy linking or separation options make the Coll perfect for guest rooms.

The Coll bed features 2 headboards and 2 divan bases. The platform divan base is offered with either no drawers, 4 standard drawers or 4 continental drawers.

Opt for the continental drawers if you would like access with a bedside table. The continental drawers provide a clearance of 58cm from the headend.

Also offered with either chrome or black glides, and square or rounded adjoining corners. Opt for rounded corners if you will be sometimes using the bases as twin beds.

The headboards are available Self Piped or Contrast Piped in Pure Cotton Natural.

The Coll bed can be upholstered in over 150 fabrics or your own in sizes King, Super King and Emperor when pushed together. Here are some recent examples of customer choices for their Coll Beds:


Easy Maintenance

There are a number of ways to extend your headboards and beds usable life span from the obvious wear and tear that hotel life inflicts.

Your beds must be tough and safe but also attractive and inviting.

Ease of cleaning for housekeeping must be a consideration, as is the ability to send the headboards or their covers for cleaning, or repair/maintenance.

Removable Cover Headboards

We have two removable cover options on headboards;  The Harris and the Caldey.  The Coll Bed also has a removable cover system for a complete bed solution.

Easy Care Fabrics

For fabrics with built in easy care technology, we run a number of contract fabrics for you to select from.  Simply tell us your colour palette and type of material (leather, wool, velvet etc) and we will send you some free samples that fit the bill.  Some ranges that we carry are pre-treated with Fibreguard or Aquaclean technology.

Please contact us on and let us know what we can send you to look at.

Fabric Protector

For just £25 per headboard, we can apply a water based solution to your finished headboard in our workshop that will stop oil or water based spills from penetrating the fabric fibres, lessening the immediate effect of any mishaps!

Show Stopping Headboards for memorable Suites.

If you’re looking to create a memorable first impression of your master suites then a headboard is an almost instant way to add wow factor. We have many designs of headboard that show off a beautiful fabric.

One such headboard is the Eigg. The Eigg headboard is a dramatic, high headboard that benefits from a larger patterned fabric to provide a visual feast for the eyes.

Here are some examples of the Eigg Headboard:


Similarly, The Samson Headboard is a firm favourite for being playful with material designs:

Supplying Your Own Material

You’ll notice that some of the above headboard and bed images feature fabric that we don’t run on our website!  We do accept Customers Own Material (COM) for upholstery.

However, there are some important factors to consider when wishing to send us your own material.

The most crucial of which is making it comply with commercial fire regulations.  As a fixed upholstery item, a headboard or bed must adhere to strict legislation.  Any material you send us must comply to Crib 5.  This can be achieved in number of ways:

  1. Send us pre-treated material.  This is by far the easiest and our suppliers have a vast range of fabrics that are crib 5 compliant in a huge array of colours and designs.  For samples, please contact us and chat through your style wish list and we can find something for you that will fit the bill.
  2. Using a Crib 5 Interliner.  Where material is made of 75% or more natural fibres (cotton, linen etc), an interliner can be used under the main fabric in order to ensure compliance.
  3.  Sending Material for Third Party Treatment.  Where your material is under 75% natural fibre (ie, 100% polyester), it can be set away to be treated.  This process involves backcoating the material in an FR substance and can add to the lead time of your items by 10 to 14 days.
  4. Send us an inherently Fire Retardant Fabric.  There are some materials that do not need treating, for example, pure 100% wool.  Wool can be extremely expensive and luxurious but does have the added advantage of not requiring treatment due to its natural fire retardant properties.

Custom, Bespoke and Made to Measure Designs

As we manufacture everything ourselves, onsite, in our workshop, we are able to provide a complete design solution for your hotel rooms.  This can be implementing a simple change on the height or width of an existing design of headboard or bed, or, tailor making a new design from your drawings.

Cut outs for sockets, reading lights, switches and USB charging points can be expertly incorporated into your headboard.

Fully upholstered walls can be made and provided with spare panels to switch out in the event of damage or staining.  If you can imagine it, we can build it for you.

Contract Mattresses

At The Headboard Workshop, we can provide you with a one stop solution, providing contract mattresses (both one piece and zip and linked) to arrive alongside your new beds.

Contract Fabric Samples

We can send you free samples of fabrics to discuss with your team that are all suitable for hotel and commercial premises.  With 1000s of different fabrics available, please let us know a bit about what we can send you using the form below.

We will ask our supplier to send you samples based around the colours and textures that you are interested in.

Trade Pricing For Hotel Headboards And Beds

We welcome you to contact us with your specific requirements so that we can tailor a trade quote for you on an individual basis.  Please let us know what model you require (or if it is a bespoke design) the quantity of headboards and/or beds you need and what type of material you are after.  An idea of completion or delivery date is useful, as is the delivery location.

Often times, your needs will be quite specific to your hotel or guest room – we are ready to help with information and no obligation quotes.