Bedroom Style

How to Decorate a Small Bedroom with a King Size Bed

Decorating a small bedroom around a king size bed needn’t be a chore if you follow a few simple rules to maximise the storage opportunities in your room and also pay attention to keeping the perspective of the room balanced.

Here’s our top tips for fitting a kingsize bed into a small room.

Know your measurements

What width is a kingsize bed?   A standard Kingsize Jersey Divan measures 150cm (5ft) wide and 200cm long.

If you’re opting for a kingsize upholstered bed, like our Kingsize Iona Bed, where the head and foot boards are attached as one unit, you’ll find it longer than a divan.  The difference accounts for the scroll work and the added depth of the headboard and footboard.

A good upholstery or bed making company will publish their bed’s measurements on their website – so be sure to do some research with your room measurements in mind.

Go high or go home

Put the emphasis on the height or width of an attention grabbing headboard to draw the eye.

In order to fool yourself into thinking that your room is wider or taller than you think, emphasize the height of your room by installing a striking vertical headboard – Something like the Kingsize Taransay and Kingsize Tiree Headboards do this effortlessly with their modern columned designs.  They can both be personalised with your choice of fabric, too.

Thinking horizontally (we are talking beds after all!) the Kingsize Orkney Headboard accentuates width with its side-to-side rows.

Sort out your storage

Dominating a small room with a larger sized bed is something that needs consideration.

Therefore, sorting out your storage options will dramatically reduce clutter in a small room and maximise the useable space.

Don’t disregard using the hollow of your bed base to increase your bedroom’s storage capacity.

The Headboard Workshop Ottoman Bed

As a result,  an ottoman bed is the perfect solution here.  Two strong and efficient gas rams raise the platform of the bed to reveal a cavernous space.  You’ll wonder how you lived without one!  Ergonomic in design and beautiful in appearance, our Kingsize Alderney Ottoman Bed compliments any of our kingsize headboards and can be covered in your choice of fabric too.  Choose from two depths, 30 cm and 40 cm.

A perfect example of this is what the clever interior designers have done in this luxury shepherds hut – a tiny living space that oozes maximum impact by using a large feature headboard to create the central focal point of the room.  Teamed with the Alderney Ottoman Bed, it makes the best use of an otherwise wasted space – where space is at a premium!

In your room, the Alderney Ottoman Bed will hide lots of your essential items.  This means you can afford to leave some ‘air’ around your bed so that you do not feel boxed in.

Furthermore, another clever hidden storage trick is to buy a Kingsize Jersey Divan Bed Base with drawers.  Simply choose your fabric and away we go!


Small or awkward access?

Usefully, If you need to have the bed built on site then our Guernsey bed base is the one for you.  Small rooms sometimes mean tricky access!

Luckily,  even an attic room is no feat for the Kingsize Guernsey Bed Base.  Our lovely delivery people will assemble this for you and take away all the packaging too.  It’s all part of the service.

Colours and Palettes

Your walls and accessories will benefit from a colour palette of light and airy tones to maximise the illusion of space.

However, use a beautiful patterned fabric or bold colour on the headboard to give the room a focal point. Add a burst of colour if you fancy.  We show over 150 fabrics on our website, or, you can supply your own material.