Platform Bed Bases – A Guide

What is a platform bed base?

Our platform bed base is designed to spread the weight of your mattress across the entire area of your bed base. These days, mattresses are so good that all of the comfort comes from the mattress.  Imagine that our platforms are very similar to the top of a sturdy divan bed base, without the boxy structure underneath.

Which mattresses are suitable for a platform bed base?

All mattress types are suitable for use with our platform bed bases.  We especially recommend our Sark Mattress for a nightly five star hotel experience in your own home.

How are the platforms constructed?

Each platform is constructed by our team in the workshop.  The main component is strong, sustainable sourced 18mm plywood.  This is then wrapped in a dacron wadding and again with a high quality black cloth, finished beautifully on the corners.  The platforms are a snug fit to the bed base.

How are the platforms supported?

The platforms drop into a recess in the bed side and foot rails and are supported by steel cross beams, each with a central leg for extra support.

How many platforms will I receive?

A single bed will have one platform, any bed size bigger than single will have two.  This feature is especially important in helping prevent access issues on delivery and allows us to provide a convenient modular assembly for getting larger beds into smaller rooms.

Is a platform bed base strong and durable?

Yes, Our fully upholstered beds are built to accept the strong platforms provided and are supported by steel cross beams with a central floor standing foot for extra support.

How are your platform beds delivered?

All of our platform based upholstered beds are delivered in components, of which the head end is usually the largest single piece.  This makes it easy to access your property and room of choice and makes the beds easier to handle, move and even remove if you move home.

Will you assemble my bed on delivery?

Yes.  Our delivery team will take your bed to your room of choice and assemble it fully for you and take away their wrappings for recycling for your convenience and leave you to enjoy your new bed.  If you would like to decline this service, you can.  In this instance, the delivery team will leave the bed with you and return the outer bags to us for reuse.


Can I swap my platforms for a slatted base?

Sorry, no.  The system that holds up the platforms can not be adapted to suit a third party slatted platform.  The fittings and cross beams the support our solid platforms are unique to our products.

How do I self assemble an upholstered bed with a platform base?

If you would like to assemble your bed, it is fairly straight forward and we have a video here: