Real wool for beds and headboards

Supporting British Wool Week.

British Wool week runs from 7th – 20th October 2019 and is a celebration of natural wool, its producers, users and all those involved in the industry.  And with good reason!

Here at The Headboard Workshop, we love 100% wool for it’s many beneficial qualities but above all because it makes up beautifully (especially on deep buttoned headboards and beds).

And so, in honour of our wooly friends (of which the UK has more breeds than anywhere else!), here’s some of our reasons for championing this fabulous natural resource.

10 Things You Might Not Know About Wool.

  1. Wool is 100% natural.  Maybe that’s why the sheep like it so much!
  2. A sheep grows a new coat every year and removal of the fleece actually helps the sheep making it fantastically sustainable.
  3. Wool has so many eco credentials – it is fully biodegradable, friendly to the environment and produced without using oil.  Did you know that many man made materials are?
  4. All materials used to upholster headboards and beds must meet fire regulations which usually means chemical treatments must be applied – but not mighty wool!  Wool is inherently fire retardant.  Good news if you prefer not to sleep around unknown substances hidden in your bed (and great if you are a sheep!)
  5. Wool is cool in the summer and warm in the winter
  6. Full of natural lanolin, wool is moisture resistant.  Mildew and mould are not an issue when using pure wool for upholstery
  7. Real wool can be shaped and is resistant to wrinkling.  It has brilliant fibre recovery qualities that make it very resistant to daily wear and tear.
  8. Wool upholsters and makes up beautifully. Yes, it is a little more expensive than other fabrics but it is durable and will look lovely for many many years.  This makes it the more economical choice over the lifetime of the furniture.  Choose real wool for longevity.
  9. Wool can be dyed most colours of the rainbow and also woven into a plaid or check.
  10. Our mascot, Baabara, is a sheep.  Perhaps we are biased but she is wonderful!

Wools For Headboards and Beds.

We run many 100% wool fabrics for you to select from for your bed and headboard.  Ottomans, valances and cushions are all available to match too!

Our wool supplier bears the Woolmark logo for 100% real wool and we couldn’t be more proud to support British industry.

Available in many more colours than we run on our website, here is some inspiration.  When you opt for wool on your new headboard or bed, we always insist on sending you a sample to see your chosen wool up close – nothing beats it!  In fact, you can add up to six free fabric samples to your basket now and we will send them to you first class.

Here is a selection of real wools available now on our free fabric samples page:


Here is some workshop inspiration for your bedroom, all in real wool …