Split to Fit – A Guide

Do you have access issues, or want to put a tall upholstered bed into a small room?

We may have the answer!

The ‘Split to fit’ option available our upholstered beds is designed to assist with room access, delivery and moving home.

The head end of the bed (usually the largest single piece of the item) is split into two horizontal pieces and delivered in two ‘halves’.  The join between the two pieces is then cleverly concealed behind your mattress.

Our unique ‘Split to fit’ system joins the two parts of your head end together via strong inset steel braces, meaning it looks, acts and feels like a one piece upholstered head end but is more easily transportable.

Do I need to opt for Split to Fit for my new Bed?

If you think you may have access issues then yes.  If you are unsure, you can ask us to provide a wooden batten the same size as your finished headend for you to walk through your proposed access route.  If it fits, the bed head end will fit.

Do you offer an access check?

If you are based in London, we may be able to ask one of our delivery experts to cast their eye over your planed access route.  If they are not able to attend, we strongly recommend you do one of the following:

  1. Obtain the head end measurements from us via email and build a simple and cheap wooden frame the same size as the headend of the bed.  Walk this through your route to your room of choice.  If it does not go, make a note of the dimensions that will be possible by amending your frame and remeasuring. Then ask us for advice.
  2. Order a pre cut wooden frame from us for just £50 including shipping.  This is a cost effective way of ensuring you avoid a potentially expensive mistake later.

Is the split to fit system strong?

Yes, very.  As with all our products the split to fit system has been created by experts and tested for strength and durability.  Steel is used to make the joining braces, which are in turn embedded in a recess in the reverse of the head end.

Will I need to self assemble the Split to Fit system?

We will assemble your split to fit bed headend when we deliver.  There are helpful videos on our website if you need to take it apart and rebuild it subsequently – ie, to move house.

See how to assemble our Split to Fit headend:

Will I be able to tell the difference between a split to fit headend and a one piece headend?

From the side of the headend, you may see a small join where the two halves meet each other which will be behind your mattress.  From the front or at a quick glance, no… It will appear, like magic, just as a one piece head end would.

Does the Split to Fit option guarantee that my bed will fit into the room?

We can’t guarantee it but we have several fail safes in situ as part of our workshop checks that we will take you through.  For instance, even with a split to fit head end, an Emperor Eigg Bed headend is still very large.  Therefore we recommend an access check.

Can the Split to Fit system be used again and again?

The split to fit system is very suitable for people who may move home often and want to take their bed with them and are unsure of future access routes at properties yet unknown to them!

What happens if I don’t get a split to fit headend and I then discover I should have?

Unfortunately, this can be a very costly and an avoidable disappointment.  If you tell us that your access is fine, we will make your head end as a one piece unless you opt for a split to fit/two piece headend on your instruction.  If it then arrives and doesn’t fit then the cost of bringing it back to the workshop and remaking it as a two piece head end can be very expensive.  Our delivery team will either a) leave the bed with you for you to arrange an alternative (take out a window for example) and we can put you directly in touch with specialist on site upholsterers that can take your bed apart and rebuild it in your room.  We can only take the bed away again if the delivery crew are still onsite and you contact us.  We will then give you a quote for the collection, alterations and redelivery of your bed and if you agree, we will take the bed away there and then.

The split to fit two piece arrangement does not provide any kind of guarantee that your bed will fit into your home, but it is an effective solution for the majority of homeowners looking for a tall, large statement bed.

The ONLY way to be sure is to measure your access route and do a test run to establish if you require a split to fit head end and then if the two piece head end will solve your access issues.

I’ve measured and my bed still won’t fit with a two piece head end …

Please give us a call and we will advise.  We may be able to bespoke some of the head ends measurements for you prior to ordering (costs apply) or we can recommend similar models that you may prefer that will fit.

An example Split to Fit bed headend: