We can pop any Linwood Fabric on your new headboard or bed.


We are very proud to call Linwood Fabric our friends.

Our mutual friendship came to fruition when we collaborated to launch their new Kami Velvet range on an amazing Samson Headboard.

Here is a run down of how to ask us to supply any current Linwood Fabric for your new headboard, bed, valance or storage ottoman order

For 25 years their Hampshire-based family business has put excellence at the heart of everything they do.

For them (like us!) it’s personal, from the quality of their designs to their level of service. In that rather English way, they straddle the worlds of creativity and innovation to produce distinctive collections of fabrics and wallpapers.

Their in-house design team draws its inspiration from textile archives, museums and the natural world to create contemporary and classic prints, weaves and wallpapers.

Each collection is carefully crafted, and designs are still drawn and painted by hand.

See what others have made

Check out the inspiration gallery of workshop snaps of items we have made recently using Linwood Fabric …

How To Order

Step 1 - Ask us for a quote


Before you purchase your headboard with us, give us a call or an email on 01291 628216 or admin@theheadboardworkshop.co.uk.  Tell us which Linwood Fabric you would like your headboard or bed made from.  We will let you know a no obligation price for your headboard in your chosen Linwood fabric.


Step 2 - Place your order

Call or email The Headboard Workshop and we will pop a ‘Bespoke fabric’ order on our system for you.

This lets our workshop know that you have selected a fabric that is not currently on our website, and that we will get it sent to us from Linwood on your behalf.

We will ask Linwood to send you a sample to sign off the material before we make anything for you.

Step 3 - We Start Making


Once your order is paid and you’ve let us know that you are happy with the sample, we will get making your items just as you’d like them.

The next stage is delivery of your items and the workshop will be in touch with you.

For full details on how to order, expand the tabs below for advice and specifications.

Ordering your perfect headboard or bed in one of Linwood’s fabrics is simple.

First choose your bed size and navigate to the product that you would like to buy in the size you need.

Use our website to send us a full specification of what you’d like to order and in which Linwood material.

We can then give you a price for including the fabric in your order and pop a ‘bespoke fabric’ order on our system for you.  This is just a manual way of letting the workshop know that you’d like us to order ‘Customer’s Own Material’ in on your behalf for use on your items.

Once your oder is paid for, we will order the material from Linwood to arrive direct at our workshop with us and start upholstering.



How much material will I need to buy for my new headboard?

Every size and style of headboard requires a different quantity of material.

We include a model specific fabric requirement on each and every headboard and bed on our website for easy reference.

To find the amount you’ll need, first navigate to the size and style of headboard you’d like to purchase.

You’ll find on that page a banner that looks like this near to the images of the product:

If you click on the + sign of the blue bar entitled Customer’s Own Material, it will open out to give the information for that model, like so:

The text that is visible when you do this will also ask for extra material if:

  • You have a directional fabric (patterned) –  we will need one or more extra ‘pattern repeats’ depending on the model.
  • You wish to have a pillowstop – extra material is needed for this.
  • You wish to supply a different colour material for contrast piping (on piped models only)

So, what do all these things mean?

What is a pattern repeat?

When material is printed, it is printed with a pattern repeat along the length of the roll.  The vertical pattern repeat relates to the distance between where the pattern starts, ends and appears again.

If your chosen material has a pattern repeat of 4 cm, for example, and we ask for 1 extra pattern repeat, we would need an extra 4 cm to be able to join the patterns correctly.

Similarly, if your pattern repeat is 68 cm and 1 extra pattern repeat is needed, we would need an extra 68 cm.

On a bed, we may need up to 5 pattern repeats and therefore, a fabric with a large pattern repeat can work out to be an expensive and wasteful choice.

What is a ‘directional pattern’?

A directional pattern has a clear top and a bottom to it.  A good example of this is a tree pattern – you would normally always want for the tree to be upright on your headboard.  If we were to use the fabric on its side to avoid joins/seams then your trees would be sideways – hardly ideal!

A good example of a non directional pattern may be a dot or spot that has no clear top or bottom and so the fabric could easily be run sideways to avoid joins.

Extra care should be taken when considering stripes.  A striped pattern could be run directionally OR from side to side and you’ll be asked to confirm which way you intend stripe to run.

We will contact you when we receive your material at our workshop to confirm your pattern direction for fabrics which could be run both ways to ask your preference.

My headboard will be wider than my material – how will that work?

Our amazing sewing department will expertly pattern match your fabric so that any joins are as inconspicuous as they can be.  The joins will be towards the outer sides with a full panel of fabric in the centre.

Can I have a patterned fabric but run it on it’s side?

You can decide which way you want your pattern to run.

Some patterns do not have a definitive top or bottom to them, so, the choice is yours alone.

We do not recommend using a pattern that has a very definite top and bottom in the wrong orientation.

It is possible to turn the fabric through 90 degrees so that the usual sides of the fabric (the selvedge) becomes the top and bottom on a random or geometric pattern if you’d like us to.

If you’re sending us a Linwood Fabric Yourself

You may wish to buy your Linwood material yourself and send it in to us.  That’s fine too.

Before you send us your material, please help us by putting your order on.  This is important because it generates a unique six digit code for your order which we use as an identifier.  We ask that this number accompanies your material to our workshop either on the material itself (post it note or sticky label) or on the outside of your package.

It helps us enormously if you can also:

  • Attach your name.
  • Attach your order reference number, which you will receive via email after placing your order.
  • Indicate the correct side of the fabric.

And finally, the address you need to send your fabric to is;

The Headboard Workshop Ltd,
Units 10-11 St David’s Industrial Estate,
NP12 3SW.

Will you confirm you have received my fabric?

Yes, we will.  We will also return any usable left over material to you with your headboard delivery if there is any.

Can my retailer send my material to you directly on my behalf?

Yes.  This is fine and happens all the time.  Please ask your retailer or fabric supplier/shop to label the material package with your surname and order number as above.  They will need to include the Certificate of Fire Retardancy with the material.  If one is not included, we will contact you to let you know what we will need to do.

What do I need to tell you about my material?

If you wish to chat with us about the suitability of your material or have any queries about the quantity needed, we may ask you the following in order to help you:

  • The size and model of headboard that you are considering
  • The pattern name and colourway of the material
  • The material composition (for fire retardancy purposes)
  • The material width
  • The vertical pattern repeat (of patterned)

Better still, if you can provide us with a website link to your chosen fabric, we are very happy to have a look.  We can then tell you exactly how much you will need to send us.

In order to make your fabric comply with fire regulations, most fabrics will require some sort of fire retardancy (FR) treatment.

However, Linwood have taken this into account and provide several of their designs FR treated.

It is easiest to send us those.  When we buy Linwood Fabric on your behalf, we will always get the FR version if it is available.

FR interliners may be used for fabrics that are 75% or more natural fibres (cotton, linen, viscose etc)

Interliners are charged at the following prices, depending on size.


Single, Small Double and Double Headboards £59
Kingsize, Super King and Emperor Headboards £79
Single, Small Double and Double WINGED Headboards £69
Kingsize, Super King, Emperor WINGED Headboards £89
Single, Small Double and Double Bed Bases £89
Kingsize, Super King and Emperor Bed Bases £99
Single, Small Double and Double Fully Upholstered Bed £149
Kingsize, Super King, Emperor Fully Upholstered Bed £179

For fabrics that are 74% and under natural fibres, FR treatment may be required at a cost of £15 per full running metre plus a one off £30 fee as a contribution to registered and insured shipping to and from the third party treatment facility.