Beautiful, Bespoke Twin Single and Zip & Link Beds.

Image credit: Charlotte Gaisford


If you’re after sensational twin single beds or a stunning zip and link flexible sleeping solution then look no further!

Achieving the gold standard in single bed ‘twinning’ is easy with The Headboard Workshop’s range of single fully upholstered beds, single headboards and split-able super king divans for the ultimate in comfort and style – affectionately named, Twingle™

What is a Twingle™ ?

A Twingle™ is when 2 identical single beds are featured as a pair to make a stunningly symmetrical twin occupancy bedroom or, when 2 single headboards and a bed bases are paired together to form a zip and link bed that are sometimes together and sometimes apart. 

How you Twingle™ is up to you!  Our helpful starter guide below will walk you through the possibilities and options to find the right set up for you.

Static Twingle™ Set-Up

Create a satisfying symmetrical look with two identical freestanding single beds by simply choosing your favourite style from our upholstered single bed range. Pop them side by side with a dresser or bedside table in between them to give single sleepers their own space and create a cosy twin bedroom.

All of our single beds have an inset platform to take a standard single mattress at 90cm wide x 190cm long.  As the mattress is inset, you can show off a lovely fabric around the bed sides and footend rather than using a valance.  These beds are on wooden legs for a contemporary look.

Twingle™ Eigg Beds upholstered for James Hare Fabrics in Sylvan Blue/Green

Zip & Link Twingle™ Set-Up

Mastermind a beautiful yet practical, flexible sleeping arrangement with a zip and link feature and Twingle™ a Super King Divan Bed Base (designed to take a standard two piece zip and link Mattress at 180cm wide x 200cm Long) and a pair of your favourite Single Headboards in any design.  Select plywood moulded struts as your fixing option for your headboard so they are affixed to their own side of the bed base and move with it.

Simply seperate the two halves of bed and mattress via the feet/glides to give twin singles or push them together to form a super king for guests who want to cosy up.

Alternatively, any of our single fully upholstered beds can be made with a flush top platform by request and ordered in pairs to act just like a zip and link scenario above.  We simply change the dimensions of the bed base to match the mattress and add legs.

Both of these options can be used with a valance.

Twingle™ Caldey Upholstered beds for Colefax & Fowler, made flush top to accept a gathered valance and enable it to zip & link into a super king bed.