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Velvet Bedroom Trends

Blue Green Linwood Kami Velvet Seagrass on a curved ornate headboard
Large ornate bed upholstered in Linwood Kami Jade Velvet

Super King Eigg Headboard upholstered in Linwood Kami (Jade).

Luxurious, elegant and certainly here to stay … the interior trend for velvet shows no signs of slowing, as more and more homeowners and designers alike, realise velvet’s transformative potential in the bedroom.

2020’s must have material is a master of many disguises.  From flat or gloss finishes, through to crushed textures and vibrant prints, the use of velvet elevates the bedroom to a whole new level of elegance, comfort and style, offering a look to suit almost any taste.

We offer a wide range of flat velvet, crushed velvet and even marbled velvet if you fancy a plain headboard to go against a patterned wallpaper.  Or, you can send us any velvet you like to be used as customer’s own material.

Plain or patterned velvet for a headboard?

Interestingly, one of the best places to show off a beautiful printed velvet is your headboard and bed.  Unlike gathered curtains (where velvet was once the obvious fabric to use), a large, ‘hotel style’ headboard offers the chance to showcase a wonderful pattern on a flat surface, making the focal point of the bedroom.

“Printed velvet is certainly having it’s moment as we are seeing more and more being sent to us for upholstering onto beds and headboards” comments Laura, our stylist here at The Headboard Workshop.  “What’s more, no two are the same.  Because we accept customer’s own material for putting on to our headboards [and beds] we see a huge range or designs – florals and stripes, animals … a bit of everything!” adds Laura.

For more inspiration for incorporating velvet into your bedroom, try our inspiration gallery.

So, is velvet up to the job of coping with today’s lifestyle?

Linwood Kami Colourways with Omega Velvet Piping options

Linwood Fabric ‘Kami’ Velvet with perfectly complementary ‘Omega’ velvet piping choices

The answer is a resounding yes!

Launched this week, Linwood’s newest printed velvet, Kami, boasts not only rich, jewel colours and a nod to 19th century design but is also practical as well as beautiful.  Washable, stain resistant and fire retardant as standard (a must for a bed or headboard), Kami is impossible to ignore as the perfect bedroom partner.

Impressed by its playful and varied palette, The Headboard Workshop have teamed up in association with Linwood for the Launch of Kami Velvet to beautifully demonstrate the power and potential of printed velvets for upholstered beds and headboards.

‘Bold, beautiful and boutique’ are the words being bounded around by interior designers when it comes to luxury velvets as part of our bedroom décor.

To celebrate this amazing collaboration, we’ve released a limited edition collection of three Kami colourways:  Seagrass, Jade and Chilli.  These colourways are available on our popular Samson Headboard in sizes single to emperor and can be ordered self piped or contrast piped in complementary plain velvet for interest.

View the Limited Edition ‘Kami’ Samson.

What sorts of velvets do people use on headboards and beds?

As mentioned, there are a very wide range of designs, colours and textures of upholstery velvet available.

If you are concerned or have any questions about the suitability of your chosen velvet for upholstery, please do give us a call.  We will be pleased to advise.

Here is a round up gallery of some of our recent favourite velvets sent into us by real customers for making up into headboards and beds from our workshop snaps: