A Pillowstop… What’s that?


Once in a while, some one here thinks of something ingenious and brilliant.  Because we make everything ourselves, we come up with creative solutions all the time and can easily put them into production across our range.

The pillowstop is definitely one of those ideas.

Interior designers that commission us tell that they love it and that it’s a ‘must’ for all their projects.

But what is it?

Simply put, your pillowstop is a slender upholstered board that hides the gap between your headboard and your bed base.  We’ll build it into your headboard as an integral part of the design to absorb the gap behind your mattress.  At just 20cm high it’s a miniature pocket rocket full of luxury.

Cleverly, it can also be made and fitted in retrospect.

Sounds great, but why do I need one?

Here’s why.

Can you see the headend of your bed from the sides?

If your answer is yes, a pillowstop will be right up your street.

It will provide a neat and seamless finish to your headboard and make unsightly fitting gaps a thing of the past.

How does it work?

Your mattress will push up to it, under your headboard for the perfect fit.  Think of it like a floor standing headboard, but without the waste of expensive fabric behind the bed that no one will see.

Likewise, if you partner it with a matching upholstered Guernsey or Jersey Divan Bed Base (and I recommend you do!) you’ll have a beautiful bed that looks as one from all angles.

What about fitting?

The pillowstop works with your choice of headboard fittings.  Whether you opt for plywood moulded struts or a Wall Mounting Pack, the effect is the same.

What does it cost?

Add your pillowstop to your personal selection of headboard specifications during the ordering process from just £29, and we will take care of the rest.