All our upholstered headboards are made with an inset back.

This means that when you mount your headboard there will only ever be a small gap between the back of the headboard and the wall.

We offer 2 ways of fixing the our standard headboards, and also offer our Winged Headboards with a wall retaining bracket:

1. Wooden Struts

2. Wall Mounting

3. Winged Headboard Assembly & Fixing

1. Traditional mounting struts

As standard, all of our headboards come pre fitted with the strut legs (unless you order an Easy Fit Wall Mounting Pack). The struts are secured to the headboard and then slide over the mounting bolts that are already located on your bed. We make our own strong plywood struts designed specifically for our headboards. 

Fitting Instructions:

When the headboard arrives with you, the struts will be folded up against the headboard and secured by the top set of bolts.

Using the Allen Key provided, you will have to loosen the top bolts, swing the struts down into position and fit the second bolt and washer.

The height of the struts is adjustable.  You can slide the struts up and down once the bolts are in place within the moulded areas around the slots.

We recommend that you leave all bolts slightly loose to allow leeway whilst you slide the struts over the back of your divan base.

Once the headboard and struts are in place over the mounting bolts on the back of your bed, tighten up the bolt.

Please note that the struts extend below the bottom of the headboard by 24ins (60cm). If your bed base and mattress overall height is less than 24ins (60cm), you may need to cut the struts down using a hand saw. 

If you wish to mount your headboard to the wall instead, please opt for a Wall Mounting Pack for your order.

Alternatively, if you decide after receiving your headboard that you wish to fix it to the wall, we can send out the Easy Fit Wall Mounting Pack (postage £15.00). All of our headboards are pre fitted with T Nuts to accept the hexagonal bolts supplied. You will have to attach one MDF plate to your headboard and the second MDF plate onto your wall.  Full instructions are available here.


2. Easy Fit Wall Mounting Pack

We recommend Wall Mounting Packs for our taller headboards. Your headboard will arrive fitted with a split batten, and another will be supplied for you to fix on the wall. An Easy Fit Wall Mounting Pack costs an additional £29.00, if you would like to buy one, click here.

It is a simple DIY job and when complete all you do is hang the headboard on the split batten supplied. Fitting instructions are provided with your headboard. 

If you would like to download the fitting instructions, click here.

For instructions relating to earlier versions of the Wall Mounting Pack please click here to download a copy.

Please note that if you choose to wall mount your headboard and you have plasterboard walls or lath and plaster walls, you must ensure that you use plugs/fixings that are appropriate for your wall. Click here to view our recommendations.

See below for a diagram of our Wall Mounting Packs: 

3. Winged Headboard Assembly & Fitting Instructions

If you have ordered one of our Winged Headboards, assembly may be required if you are not having delivery via our 2 man courier.

Our Winged Headboards are supplied with a wall mounting pack for your headboard to be retained against the wall.

To view our instructions on how to assemble your wings to the headboard, and how to attach your winged headboard to the wall, please click here.


Both methods are simple, fully adjustable and very strong.

If you have any questions just ring us on 01291 628216 and we will be happy to explain how it all works.