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Why we exist.

Meet The Team


The enthusiast


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A great organiser

We made our first headboards 30 years ago in our garage in London. They were all made to order, all in customers own material and always delivered on time. The word spread and that was how it all started.

We have come a long way since then, but our principles remain the same. Stylish headboards & beds, made to order and made as you want them, backed up by outstanding service. We are still a family business (only we are more than one family now) and we still design, develop and make most things in our own factory in Wales (we outgrew the garage in London!). We control the whole process.

Furthermore with no middleman to take a cut, we are able to offer you fabulous upholstered headboards, beds, blanket boxes, valances, bedroom chairs & cushions in stunning fabrics (or your own), at incredible prices!

Who we are.

This is a few of us on the right, we take it in turns having our picture on the site! We are a friendly bunch, and we think we are pretty good at what we do. We make everything by hand and as you can see, we have a pretty experienced team.

We are very proud of our company, our people and the service we provide. In support of us we have a super photographic team, a great graphic design team and a fabulous accountant.

We also have a charming Bank Manager. Still not sure? Have a read of what our customers say, all their comments are genuine. 

How can we help you?

Well, you obviously want some upholstered bedroom furniture or you would not be looking at our site. Have a look around see what you like and if you want to talk to one of us just give us a ring on 01291 628216 and we will be able to help you.

Maybe you are a bit stuck on colours and not sure what will go with what! Don't worry, Laura loves helping customers and is brilliant with colours. Send her a bit of your curtain material, a paint chart, a scrap of fabric or anything that might help her to help you.

Just pop it in an envelope and send it to The Design Department, The Headboard Workshop Ltd., Units 10-11 St David's Industrial Estate, Blackwood, Gwent, NP12 3SW, and Laura will get back to you with her suggestions.

How it works?

1. Standard sizes and shapes.

It's quite easy really. Have a look at the shapes, choose a cover (order some swatches and we send you them for free).

If you don't like any of our covers or you have a particular fabric that you would like to use, just send it to us. We do lots of customers own covers so if that is what you're after you need look no further.

2. Grab a baa-gain!

Is for those of you who are after a bargain or who need something urgently. Browse our stock. If it fits your requirements, order today and we will endeavour to deliver as quick as we can.

All the products are new and have only been used for photography. They really are genuine outstanding bargains.

3. Bespoke headboards.

Is exactly that. What you want, the size you want, covered in one of our fabrics or yours. We discuss your project with you and everything is done just for you. It's easy for us to do special sizes as we make everything to order anyway. They do cost a little more, but not much. Feel free to pick up the telephone and we will be delighted to help.  Our number is 01291 628216.