Advice Bedroom Style

Headboards and beds for awkward spaces

When it comes to headboards and beds, there’s no ‘one size fits all’ solution.

There are many differing things to take into account.  If you’ve found this article, then you probably have a situation that needs expert help to solve.

Congratulations, you’ve found it.

We specialise in providing thoughtful and beautiful headboard and bed solutions for those awkward to dress spaces.

We can make bespoke items to your measurements, we can advise on best practises and even think out of the box to help you.

Here’s a run down of things we can help with and suggest.


Small Height Headboards

A number of our headboards in our range are available in a 24” (61 cm) height.  Especially suited to attic rooms, under windows and lower ceilings.  However, we can make a headboard for you to any height you require, simply contact us to discuss your requirements.

short headboard

King Size Harris Headboard, available at 24″ high (34″ model is pictured)


Bespoke a headboard

Similarly, we welcome bespoke orders of any height, width or shape.  If you have an odd sized bed or just want something different – if you can imagine it, we can make it for you.

You can send us architects drawings, sketches or photographs to work from.

Need a cut out for a skirting board or an electrical point?  No problem.

Read through our 100s of reviews to get a feel for how well we do this.


Clever beds

We think we might be one of the only companies that offer upholstered beds that we can assemble in your home.  Our Guernsey bed base certainly solves a range of problems.  The Guernsey comes in pieces and is a platform bed.  We assemble this bed on site for you (and take away the packaging afterwards!) meaning it can fit into access hatches, lifts and stairwells with ease.

Oh, and we offer an access survey before you order if you’re in need of peace of mind.

The Guernsey Bed – Your new best friend!