If you want to wall mount your headboard onto a plasterboard wall, in addition to our Wall Mounting Pack you will need special plasterboard wall fixings.

Below are 2 types of Plasterboard Wall Fixings that we recommend from Plasplugs.

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The first type of fixing we recommend is;

5 M5 x 45 Metal Cavity Anchors

Ref: MSA389 

Used for fixing heavy items in all types of hollow boards. Removable screw is ideal for removing fixtures during redecoration.

Typical applications:
Plasterboard fixings
Wall cabinets
Curtain tracks
Radiator brackets
Heavy curtain poles

• Recomended drill size: 10mm HSS drill bit
• For boards 6 -13mm thick  

Price: £2.26 (Including VAT at 20%) 



The second type of fitting we recommend is;

4 Spring Toggles M5 x 75

Ref: ST840 

Expanding wings spread load over a wide area making the toggle ideal for overhead applications

Typical applications:
Plasterboard fixings
Ceiling roses
Ceiling lights
Heavy curtain poles

• Recommended drill size: 14mm Hss drill bit
• Maximum wall & fixture thickness 45mm  

Price: £3.95 (Including VAT at 20%) 


To buy these Wall Fixings from Plasplugs, you will need to visit the website.

Alternatively you can ring Plasplugs on 01283 562820 and quote the reference number of the fixing (shown above), or email them at sales@plasplugs.com.